Track Of The Week: The Invisible – ‘Life’s Dancers (Floating Points Remix)’

Jodhi Taylor

Step away from your chai tea and roll up your yoga mat. If what you have been searching for is spiritual enlightenment then you have been looking in the wrong places. This remix of ‘Life’s Dancers’ by The Invisible was only released three weeks ago and yet has tragically been overlooked as a hot tip on achieving spiritual bliss.

The London-based band and Manchester producer Floating Points, aka Sam Shepherd, have collaborated before with the dreamy, poignant track ‘Wings’, released in 2012. But the intro of this subsequent collaboration captures and quickly discards the melancholy that was so pervasive in ‘Wings’: instead, the aptly-named track takes the listener on a journey which can only be described as spiritual. A subtle feeling of elation washes over the listener as the dreamy vocals and understated drums breathe life into the song: the simplicity of the combination dwarfing the original version of the track. This blissful state of contentment is interrupted, though not unwelcomingly, by a funkier dimension added by the bass. This jazzy snippet playfully teases you before surrendering to cascading string harmonies which leave you with a wistful feeling; the exultation experienced seems to be slipping from your grasp. Despite softening on the outro the ending still feels abrupt, rudely ending the trance-like state undoubtedly achieved, like a bucket of water to the face. Yet, such a heavenly song requires a quick descent back to reality, otherwise, a real risk exists that the listener might not make it back to the world.

But I can think of worse ways to go.

Listen to Life’s Dancers (Floating Points Remix) below.