Track Of The Week: Joyce Manor – ‘Last You Heard Of Me’

Reese Hamilton

Joyce Manor are three albums deep into a budding career in whatever we’re calling their cross pollination of pop-punk, emo, and indie rock, yet have released about an hour of music total. They’re the kind of band that make albums sonically similar to one another, yet have small intricacies that allow fans well-versed in their music to discern the sound of one project to another. The trend seems set to continue, as their latest single ‘Last You Heard Of Me’ is perhaps one of their most distinguishable songs yet. Foremost, it’s over 3 minutes long, making it the longest song in Joyce Manor’s discography. The guitar is noticeably thinner, leaving the driving rhythm of the song in the forefront. Lyrically, frontman Barry Johnson has always been gifted at writing specific lyrics about relatively vague topics. While this is still present, the comparatively slow pace of ‘Last You Heard of Me’ means there’s less space to work with, and the result is a less dense song lyrically than we’re used to from Johnson. Structurally, the track has a strong Weezer influence, not unlike many of Joyce Manor’s musical peers.

Listen to ‘Last You Heard Of Me’ below.


Cody is out October 7th via Epitaph